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Welcome to! We are a Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction archive that is currently accepting new fanfiction submissions of all Rurouni Kenshin / Samuari X related fanfiction stories and/or crossovers.


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Frozen Moonlight by JaneDrew PG-13
In high school, Kaoru Kamiya escaped from a demon. Now, five years later, she...
Saying Goodbye by SiriusFan13 PG-13
Sano and Kenshin's interactions during his short scene in the OVA, Samurai X:...
In these Final Hours by Zeh Wulf PG-13
*complete* Kaoru's tomboy lifestyle is ruined when she's forced to become the...
Blue Moon by Jouchan13 PG-13
After three years with Kenshin, Kaoru takes the worst blow of all. Feeling desperate...
Cabana Boy by Kiesmoon R
Completed!AU:Kaoru stands on the brink of reality nursing the shattered remnants...
Back Home To You by Scented Candles PG
Kaoru asked Kenshin to marry her when she was three! And now the Battousai has...
Lost in the Madness by Jouchan13 PG-13
The rurouni is forced to leave Tokyo. His departure makes Kaoru sick. When he...
Crimson Stain by Ravyn R
Haunted by a past that chases her every footstep, Kaoru finds refuge with the...
Write a Picture Challenge by Aisuruchan PG-13
TFME's first Write a picture challenge!
M.I.A by hootowl PG
Kaoru has a habit of picking up strays. Usually that just means her apartment...
By the Light of the Moon by hootowl G
Even in darkness eyes are watching events unfold.
First of the Forms by Scarred Sword Heart G
After Kenshin masters the basics of kenjutsu, Hiko begins his training in the...
Sword Spirit by Scarred Sword Heart G
Like all swordsmen, Kenshin relies on his vision and hearing to anticipate and...
Passing Months by Scarred Sword Heart G
As the months pass, Kenshin slowly gains strength and skill through Hiko's gentle...
Journey of Contrition by Scarred Sword Heart PG-13
Himura Kenshin leaves behind his life of bloodshed and takes his first awkward...
Three Dark Years by Scarred Sword Heart PG-13
Scenes from Kenshin's three years serving as a mobile striker for the Ishin...
Mushroom Madness by Scarred Sword Heart PG-13
What's the worst that could happen to little Kenshin when he forages for food...
Breaking In by Scarred Sword Heart G
One month after taking Shinta as his apprentice, Hiko continues to break the...
Go Take a Flying Leap by Scarred Sword Heart PG-13
Sometimes Hiko's training methods make Kenshin want to tell his master to go...
Forums Back Online
Sorry for the long hiatus on them, there was a bit of a technical mess. Everything is back as it was just before the crash. See you there! ^__^

--Bunny on 01/20/2012 05:52 AM 28 Comments
New Rurouni Kenshin Anime in the Works
A photo of a page in Jump Square magazine announced a new series of Rurouni Kenshin coming soon. Details are sparse. In addition, the original OVAs (Trust and Betrayal, Reflection) and the movie (Samurai X: The Motion Picture) will receive a Blu-ray release. These are the only details until further information is provided. 

--Bunny on 04/19/2011 04:43 AM 30 Comments
Writing Prompts

This website has been pretty inactive lately but hopefully we'll be able to change that soon(:

This is another writing prompt so you guys can exercise your writing abilities as well as any plot bunnies!

 TFME Presents: Writing Prompt

Below I will offer you a number of different prompts to choose from and you may choose one, or all of them! 

You may use any couple and character from the Rurouni Kenshin fandom. 

Good luck!

1. Re-write the Rurouni Kenshin anime/manga with a fairy tale of your choice. Whether it's Snow White, Cinderella, or Beauty and the Beast, make sure you keep some key details that belong to the characters. Make sure you add a twist that will keep us on the edge of our seats.

2.  Add the Kenshin-gumi in the modern world! This one has so many possibilities so have fun with it! Try to stick with their personalities, once again, to retain the feel of Rurouni Kenshin.

3. Describe the relationship between two characters. Pick a scene, any scene, and run away with it. 

4. Write a story with 5 chapters. Each chapter is the same scene but a different character's perspective. Personalities and emotions are critical in this one, so make the most of it.

5. Write a story around an item one of the characters found or lost. Any genre is approved. 

I hope to see some good results!

By the way, the first five to upload their story will be showcased in the feature section of the website!

No rush, though. Have fun writing and experimenting, which is the point of these prompts! Good luck! 

--Kaoru on 07/21/2010 05:27 PM 27 Comments
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